Key features and benefits

  • Secure QR codes linking to product data points on the Cardano Blockchain
  • Mobile landing page conveying the production history of the wine
  • Scantrust mobile app for QR code product authentication
  • Product traceability throughout the supply chain and post-sale
  • consumer behavior metrics through consumer product scans

Project highlights

Tamper-proof labels with Scantrust QR codes were applied to bottles of Baia’s wine. These are linked to data points anchored in the Cardano blockchain which showcases the production history, ensuring product traceability throughout the supply chain. After consumers scan the codes with their smartphones, they are directed to a user-friendly landing page that conveys information about the wine, the production details, and an explanation for how to authenticate the product via the free Scantrust mobile app (NB: a no-app solution is also available for similar projects). Consumer QR code scans continue to provide an overview of consumer engagement metrics, and the Scantrust dashboard gives Baia’s Wine the ability to dive deep into demographic and other consumer data. Baia’s wine now has data showing where their bottles are being scanned, providing an invaluable post-sale product traceability dimension to their consumer data.


By adding QR codes to their wine bottles, Baia’s Wine has created a new avenue for consumer engagement and brand loyalty. After just one year of implementation, there was an increase in sales and production. Baia’s Wines are also now available in new markets in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The engagement rate through scans is outperforming typical QR code scanning benchmarks for similar projects.