Get QR codes for enterprise product packaging and documents

Forge relationships with customers and give them access to key product information.

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Turn your product packaging into customer engagement

Instantly launch product landing pages with dynamic content

Run global, regional, and language-based campaigns

Run global QR code-based campaigns on product packaging for sales, marketing, and loyalty

  • Manage thousands or millions of QR codes
  • Run global, regional, or language-based campaigns
  • Automate tasks with batch/ API upload and custom QR code download options
  • Fits your approach: Serialized IDs (unique) and/or non-serialized IDs (SKU-level)
  • Get detailed first-party data on users who scan
  • Enterprise uptime and SLA

Instantly deploy product landing pages with a no-code mobile product page builder for enterprise users

  • No developer needed!
  • Design once, go live with QR codes on packaging in multiple markets and languages
  • Connect with product information systems (PIMs)
  • Analyze and improve clickthrough rates with dashboards and integrations
  • Works with Scantrust anti-counterfeiting
  • Tell your product origin story with supply chain data
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Uses Scantrust QR codes for regulatory compliance and consumer engagement

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Uses Scantrust QR codes for marketing campaigns and loyalty using product packaging

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Uses Scantrust QR codes for consumer packaged goods across regions

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