CTO and chairman Dr. Justin Picard represented Scantrust in the four-month Tech4Trust initiative, a Swiss acceleration program for companies developing innovative solutions that improve trust in an era of disinformation, cyberthreats, and global misuse of our private and personal data.

Tech4Trust is part of a broader initiative from the Canton of Vaud to develop an ecosystem that fosters collaboration between startups, corporates, and research labs active in the fields of trust technologies. 

Key focus areas of the program include authentication, anti-counterfeiting, and traceability — all of which are of paramount interest to Scantrust. Collaboration and interaction are at the core of the program which translates into our team participating in workshops and networking activities that include meeting potential customers and partners. The program also includes a series of roadshow events during the four-month period, like the recent Yverdon Roadshow, led by industry experts on technology and open to businesses looking for potential collaborations. 

“The Tech4Trust program has opened up fantastic opportunities to connect and initiate collaborations with key stakeholders in the security space. Warm thanks to the whole Tech4Trust team for having developed such an interesting program.” – Dr. Justin Picard.

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Dr. Picard will give a final lecture on product authentication on 28 January at the closing event of the four month program.