Lausanne– Scantrust has entered into a global agreement with ePAC as the technology provider for a new connected packaging and connected goods service under the name ePacConnect. ePacConnect uses Scantrust serialized and secured QR codes printed on flexible packaging. These flexible packages are used by consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies of all sizes. Because every ePacConnect flexible package includes a Scantrust QR code, every product in ePac flexible packages becomes an online gateway. This, in turn, activates the Scantrust suite of connected goods and connected packaging tools. The features range from consumer engagement tools to active brand protection anti-counterfeiting features that work through scans of a safe QR code on the packaging.

An important partnership in the CPG industry

ePac believed that small businesses should have access to the same cutting-edge flexible packaging technology available to large enterprises. They also knew they could improve on industry average turn-around times, cost, and quality for enterprises at any size and scale. Combining the technology benefits from Scantrust’s next-generation connected packaging tools was the next logical step. What ePac has achieved with the new ePacConnect service is customized, flexible packaging with connected packaging features that require very little or no up-front costs, lower minimum order requirements, and minimal technical setup. ePacConnect removes barriers to entry for companies that want enterprise-grade branding and packaging design and access to innovations like variable data printing (VDP), serialization, and patented anti-counterfeit features.

ePacConnect is a flexible packaging product with smart packaging features powered by Scantrust

Who is ePac?

ePac’s was founded in 2016 with a mission to provide locally-based consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies with the same tools that make big brands competitive. Today ePac offers small to medium enterprises (SMEs) world-class, customized flexible packaging with low minimum order quantities (MOQs), extremely competitive costs, and a fast time-to-market. Sustainability is an important part of ePac’s business too. Demand-based ordering reduces packaging waste and recyclable, compostable, and Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) film options reflect ePac’s commitment to sustainability and making sustainable choices available to their customers. ePac operates a network of 23 community-based sales and manufacturing sites around the world.

How does ePacConnect smart packaging work?

ePacConnect is a new channel for brands to deliver their product and brand stories and customize those experiences using Scantrust connected goods and connected packaging technology. Every ePacConnect package has a unique, serialized identity marked using Scantrust secured QR codes. A smartphone QR scan begins the consumer engagement experience. That experience can be customized to deliver an instant product authenticity verification (is this product real or fake?) and product origin details. ePacConnect is also a channel for promotional campaigns like loyalty programs. Supply chain data, such as harvest date, location, or manufacturing details, can also be delivered dynamically through custom landing pages and content served to the user or consumer by a scan. A database of information is subsequently built with every scan. Creating a product profile with product distribution, frequency of scans, number of product authentications, and more.

Carl Joachim, ePac Chief Marketing Officer

“We’ve been working with Scantrust for some time now. What’s great about working with Scantrust is that they too operate globally, and share our commitment to helping small and medium-sized businesses compete and grow. We already have a number of customers in the US and Europe using the solution.”

– Carl Joachim discussing synergy between ePac and Scantrust SA
Nathan J. Anderson, Scantrust CEO and Co-founder
Nathan J. Anderson, Scantrust CEO and Co-founder

“We’re excited to work with ePac. As they’re clearly leading the digital revolution in flexible packaging. We saw great synergies between our two companies from the start. And with this partnership, we’re able to bring Scantrust’s advanced connected goods solutions to brands of all sizes at-scale. This will enable more meaningful connections with their customers. And people will trust the source, safety, and integrity of the products in their life. They can better engage with the changing values of their customers, while also increasing supply chain visibility.”

– Nathan J. Anderson, speaking about the ePacConnect service and the ePac/Scantrust partnership