Most of our clients are more familiar with our accounts-based colleagues, but there are several members of our team that rarely interact with clients. We are a software company, after all, and as such we depend on our engineers and their commitment to maintaining and constantly improving our product offering. 

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on our Quality Assurance engineer, Insia Khambati. She plays a critical role in watching over our projects’ and products’ development and ensuring that they are successful. 

Insia has been a part of the Scantrust team for two and a half years already managing our mobile app releases, software update releases, and serving as the point-person when it comes to communicating releases internally and externally. Her role requires close communication with the product, projects, and marketing teams, often wearing several different hats at once. 

Luckily, this comes naturally to her, with a tenacity to learn more, about everything, everyday.

“I enjoy challenging things, and I want to keep my mind occupied; I always want to be learning something and practicing something.”

Insia Khambati, Scantrust QA Engineer

Insia’s drive to challenge herself is reflected in how she approaches new projects at Scantrust – one project saw her study and learn react native code, a single codebase that can be shared across platforms. Beyond her self-motivation, Insia credits the diversity and flexibility of the Scantrust team and working culture as something that encourages her.

Her passion for learning and growing is in fact what led Insia to Scantrust in the first place. After completing her bachelor’s degree in computer science, Insia worked on the QA team of a large multinational company, handling projects for an investment bank. After two years of doing that, Insia wanted a change, ideally a role at a smaller company with more opportunities for growth. Two and a half years later at Scantrust and it seems the change stuck.

As Insia told us, “I knew about QR codes, but I didn’t know how much of an impact QR codes could have on a business, and I found that fascinating.” After more than two years at Scantrust, Insia is proud to have learned much more not just about QR codes, but also about software business operations, specifically how an idea can turn into a product or a feature, and also how projects move from one stage to the next.”

Today, Insia finds the consumer engagement and loyalty projects the most rewarding to work on. Even before she joined the team, she found herself drawn to the consumer engagement element of the Scantrust solution. Now, “…the more I do, the more I understand how the end-user earns rewards, whether through scanning incentives or whatever mechanism, and I find this very interesting to think through and to watch unfold.” 

Though Insia’s experience and character make her great at her job, there is more to her than just Scantrust. “Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I actually taught a computer class to primary school students before I started my first job. Even from when I was a little kid, whenever people would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would say I wanted to be a software engineer, so it was really rewarding for me to teach the kids at the school I attended growing up basic computer, Powerpoint, and Microsoft Office skills. Of course, I also taught them some other practical skills too – we had a lot of fun, and the kids became really attached to me. I still stay in touch with them today.”

In her spare time, Insia enjoys walks, cooking Indian food as a specialty, although she’s also been experimenting with sandwiches lately and she also still finds time to watch some of her favored shows when she isn’t reading the news.

With the increased application of machine learning and automation, and greater relevance of Scantrust to consumer engagement and loyalty programs, we’re especially fortunate to have someone like Insia, with not just the capability, but a strong interest to take those efforts from concept to production, as part of the Scantrust family. We think you can see why, but perhaps you too will be fortunate enough to meet her.